GlideAbility Skating Schools Canada - formerly Metro Toronto Skating Academy       647-883-0741


30 min group lesson, 10 min yoga on ice,  10 minutes of supervised free time & games

Tiny Glider                   18 months - 3 yrs  30 min

Pre-Glider                     3-5 yrs                                       

Glider                            6-8 yrs 

Pre & Teen Glider        9-17 yrs 

Adult Glider                  16+ (learn to skate, hockey, figure skating)

Glider Plus                   6-18+ yrs   (edge work for power)

Hockey Glider              5-18+ yrs (divided by age & level)

Power Glider                10-18+ yrs (divided by age & level)                                                                               

Speedy Glider               5-18+ yrs (Intro to speed skating)       

Stretch & Glide Yoga on Ice                all ages

Gliderbility                    skaters with special needs 

Figure Glider Program 30 minute Group Lesson

All ages and levels for those working on figure skating and have completed the Glider Program.  Group lessons, Ticket ice, private lessons and drop in.

How to register:

Registration Form.                 Online Registration

Winter Break Skate, March Break Skate, PD Days, Summer Skate, private lessons, Birthday Parties , Outdoor lessons and private back yard lessons

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Gives me the

Ability to Glide!!!! 

Brandin - 7 yrs old

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